• About 5150

    5150 is the only tattoo shop in Downtown Detroit that is licensed by the state of Michigan to do tattoos and body piercing's. We only hire real artists, who can draw and tattoo anything in the world and have 10 or more years of tattooing experience each. Of course, we only hire the best and most experienced body piercers at 5150 as well. Satisfaction and cleanliness are 5150 Ink's top priorities!

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    What’s New


    Tattoos for Pit Bulls

    From July 19-July 22, 2014, 5150 Ink will be hosting the "Tattoo's for Pit Bulls" event. During this event, 5150 Ink will be donating 50% of ALL procedures performed at our shop to I Heart Pits, a local Detroit Pit Bull & Bully breed Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This is your chance to help a support a great cause and get the tattoo your have always wanted. Stay tuned for more information.

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    5150 is the ONLY licensed tattoo shop in Downtown Detroit

    We have the best artists that do phenomenal work

    Great tattoo artists are hard to come by so we only have a few artists staffed at 5150. Please call before you come down to the shop to assure minimal wait time.

    586.339.5050 or 313.420.9842

    Stop in or call us today!

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  • Detroit's Custom 5150 Ink

    We are the best in Detroit!

    [ We use ALL disposable equipment such as brand new razors, needles, tubes, caps, etc. for every one of our clients to assure each and every client's procedure is safe and sterile every time. This virtually eliminates the possibility of bacteria spreading from client to client because we never use the same tool on two clients ]

    [ One thing 5150 does unlike ANY OTHER SHOP in Michigan is we GUARANTEE every tattoo that we do for life. You will never pay for a touch up at 5150, our goal is customer satisfaction and a tattoo looks like the day you left 5150 with it for the rest of your life, and you only pay for it one time, like it should be! ]

    [ All of our artists are Detroit based and have great experience with tattooing memorable Detroit pieces such as; the Detroit Skyline, GM Renaissance Center, Detroit D's, Spirit of Detroit, Ambassador Bridge, People mover, and any other significant representations and landmarks of Detroit ]

    [ Come down and see us, we are open 7 days a week, and conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Detroit, only 2 short blocks North the GM Renaissance Center and two blocks South of the Greektown Casino ]...

    5150 Ink the the ONLY shop in the U.S. guarantees any tattoos for life! You will never pay for a touch-up on a tattoo you had done at 5150.

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  • Tattoos by Niemo

    Tattoos by Polish Jay

    Tattoos by Calista


    Portraits by Niemo


  • Body Piercing Price List

    • Ear Lobes $20ea.
    • Tongue $40
    • Naval $30
    • Eyebrow $30
    • Lip/Labret $40
    • Monroe $40
    • Nose $30
    • Industrial $60
    • Tragus $60
    • Rook $60
    • Cheeks..One for $60, both for $90
    • Cartilage Piercing $50
    • Nipples..One for $60, both for $90
    • Back Dimples..One for $90, both for $150
    • Vertical Hood $120

    Safe, Sterile, Professional

    When getting a piercing at 5150 ink you will only have the best piercers in Detroit doing your body piercings. The piercers at 5150 also must have 10 years experience of piercing and only use disposable piercing equipment for every piercing procedure. This virtually eliminates the possibility of bacteria spreading from client to client because we never use the same tool on two clients. Calista, the best piercer in Detroit who has 11 years of piercing experience, sterilizes each piece of jewelry with a steam sterilizer before they are packaged and ready to be used for procedures done at 5150. We have an outstanding track record for piercing's without any complaints of infections or complications.


    Every body is different, so every piercing is different for each person. The only way to know how to do proper body piercing's on different bodies is through experience. Just like our tattoo artists, all of the piercers at 5150 have had 10 or more years experience doing body piercing's We do not allow apprentices for either tattoos or piercing's at our shop and that is to make sure each procedure is done professionally every time.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Taking proper care of the new piercing in key. If the client does not follow the proper aftercare procedures with their piercing, all that we did to keep that piercing from infection will go out the door. Your piercer will inform your of all your aftercare needs at the end of your procedure.

  • Contact Info

    The Shop

    639 Beaubien St. Detroit, MI 48226

    Tattoos & Piercings:



    Our Location

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    Walk-in's Welcome

    (We suggest calling to assure minimal wait time)

    Shop Hours:
               Monday-Sunday 2pm-10pm


    Tattoo Phone #:
               586.339.5050 or 313.420.9842

    Street Address:
               639 Beaubien St. Detroit, MI. 48226 (see map above)

    ***PLEASE do not call and ask us for prices on tattoo's. We cannot accurately price any tattoo until the artist has drawn it up and the details have been clearly discussed, in person, between the client and artist.***

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    Why 5150?

    -5150 Ink is the first shop in the U.S. where all of our artist's use all disposable equipment

    -We are the only shop in Downtown Detroit that is Licensed by the State of Michigan to do body modifications.

    -We guarantee all of our work for life; if you need a touch up on a tattoo an artist at 5150 did, your touch up will not cost you anything because our goal is customer satisfaction!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our goal at 5150 is to satisfy every client, every time. This is why we give a lifetime guarantee with every single one of our tattoos done at 5150 ink. No other shop in the nation guarantees their tattoos for life, because if they did they would lose money having to touch up shot work on a daily basis. Although we guarantee our work for life, we hardly find ourselves having to do many touch ups, because we do all of our tattoos the right way, the first time.

    Our clients are our future so in order to keep in good standing we treat all of our clients like family. Our shop is set up like a home environment with couches and t. v.'s in every procedure room. It's like going to a friends house to get your work done, but completely safe and sanitary.

    Although we do not use steel needles and tubes that have to be cleaned and sterilized after every procedure, we do have a steam sterilizer to sterilize other equipment and body jewelry and to satisfy heath code regulations.